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When it comes to web browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox reign. However, nowadays, more and more alternatives are released on the market, providing new features that focus on user security and privacy protection. Gate Browser is yet another player in the field. A Chromium-based utility, it simplifies browsers to a level where users need only a couple of buttons to work with it. This browsing application offers private browsing—which, unlike regular browsing, is cleaner. It does not save history or cookies. Moreover, it protects users against cryptocurrency mining malware. The app is also very clean since it has no add-ons that make the browser heavy.

Worry-free browsing

Gate Browser works to provide users with a worry-free browsing experience. The app clears your history and cookies after each session, so you don't have to go through the trouble of clearing them. As additional protection, the app comes with a built-in download blocker. With this, you can avoid inadvertent or malicious downloading of harmful—and sometimes internet-filtering—software. 

Gate Browser comes with a default dark color scheme. However, users can change it to a white theme by using the switch under the Close button. Right near the Theme Changer switch, users can find a trash icon. Users can use this icon to clean the entire history without closing the browser. There is also the Shield icon, which represents crypto-mining protection. This function is permanently activated, so you are always protected whenever you use the app. 

To conclude, Gate Browser is a great alternative if you are looking for a secure web browser. The app is very simple and easy to use, as it has only a few buttons that you need to fiddle with. However, it lacks a few helpful tools, including the bookmark bar and extension manager. In the end, the app is only for safe browsing, as it does not let you save any of your preferences and frequently-visited websites. 


  • Private browsing
  • Automatic history and cookies cleanup
  • Built-in crypto-mining protection
  • Simple and intuitive interface


  • Does not allow bookmarks
  • No extension manager

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